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Minnesota House 10-Day Medical Detox Program

Minnesota House is more than just a detoxification facility


Minnesota House 10-Day Medical Detox Program

Minnesota House is more than just a detoxification facility


  • Minnesota House Treatment Centre runs a 24-hour detoxification facility run by qualified nursing staff
  • Rehab usually begins with detoxification, the process of cleansing the drug from your body. Detox focuses on the physical aspect of addiction, such as withdrawal.
  • Suddenly quitting drugs and alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms, and withdrawal symptoms are both painful and dangerous. Through professional supervision and quality care, detox ensures that the process of withdrawal is both as safe and as comfortable as possible.
  • Once the body is on the way to physical recovery, rehabilitation begins.
  • We monitor our detox patients every 3 hours.
  • We focus our attention on each patient’s physical needs – nutrition, hygiene, rest, sleep, comfort and internal homeostasis.
  • Minnesota House Treatment Centre takes time to do a proper holistic assessment: spirit, soul and body, during admission, to design an individual care plan.
  • The safety of our patients is our priority.
  • Our admission process is thorough and detoxification is overseen by the doctor, the nurses.
  • On admission we take a physical examination, past medical history and complete objective and subjective data collection.


Here are the details of the Detox Program:

  • During the detox you are considered a patient under the medical care of one of our doctors and under the therapeutic care of the team headed up by the Head of Treatment.
  • The program runs for 10-days (or part thereof)


Day 1: History, Medical and Physical

Your medical history and physical assessment will be undertaken by the medical staff.


Day 2-5: Rest and Monitoring

  • You are allowed time to rest while being monitored by the medical staff.
  • Communication is conducted with your family by the Admissions’ Officer.
  • All administration is taken care of by the administration team, such as medical aid approval and payment and other financial arrangements.
  • You are evaluated during this time and medical, physical, treatment and recovery recommendations are made by the nursing staff and Admissions’ Manager.


Day 5-10: In-House Treatment

  • You are required to part of in-house treatment activities including (but not limited to) NA Meetings, creative therapy, eco awareness and animal assisted therapy
  • You are required to attend one session with a counsellor.
  • On the final day your discharge procedures will be conducted by the Admissions’ Manager.
  • We perform a urine drug test and a urine ward test. (Where applicable we also do HIV and pregnancy tests).


About The 10-Day Medical Detoxification Treatment

At Minnesota House, we provide a safe haven for those recovering from addiction. Starting with a supervised medical detoxification process we treat each patient individually. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. What works in treatment is the discovery of personal needs, balanced with the challenges and lessons learned in the program.

Minnesota House is an inpatient addiction treatment centre, a reputable detoxification provider who is deeply experienced in administering detox treatment while alleviating the symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can range from sleep disorders and anxiety attacks to nausea, delirium and hallucinations. The severity of symptoms depends on a variety of factors such as age, degree and length of substance abuse and physical condition

There are two phases to detoxification – The first phase may last several days, depending on the level and length of alcohol or drug use. This phase is when the majority of symptoms and greatest health risks are experienced.

While the brain and body are adjusting to sudden alcohol cessation, the person can become seriously ill, suffer seizure or heart attack, or become a danger to themselves due to hallucinations or delusions. Because the mind and body are both in a vulnerable state during detox, a situation can go from uncomfortable to extremely dangerous very quickly.

The second phase of detoxification can last many months as brain neurotransmitters slowly return to normal function. Many addicts think if they can just get themselves through the first few days without alcohol, then they’ll be in a better position to seek support. But it’s during the first few days when you really need the support and supervision of people with the right medical training.

Medical detoxification provides both the body and the mind with a “clean slate” with which to work

A medically supervised detoxification program is essential to rid the body of accumulated substances before an individual is placed into inpatient addiction treatment. Medical detoxification provides both the body and the mind with a “clean slate” to work with in order to begin therapy. By detoxing at the commencement of the treatment process, each Minnesota House Patient readies him or herself to proceed with more intensive therapeutic approaches based off of an Individualised Treatment Plan.
It is important to understand that when a person has an addiction, the body will develop a physical dependence to the addictive substance. This creates chemical changes within the individual’s brain.  The chemical and physical changes which happen as a result of substance abuse means that any personal attempt to stop using the substance, especially “cold turkey” as most people try to do, will not be successful and can create dangerous health risks. Medically supervised detoxification minimises the psychological and physical symptoms that happen due to withdrawal within a safe environment. Detox prior to inpatient addiction treatment at Minnesota House is considered an essential cornerstone to our treatment plan.


Arriving At Our Alcohol And Drug Detox

Upon arrival, our nursing staff will promptly admit you to our medical detox rooms if needed. Having detox services on-site lets us provide immediate medical care to patients instead of waiting for them to withdraw from drugs and alcohol beforehand.

Within 24 hours, you will be examined by our Medical Director. During your examination and medications will be reviewed. While in detox, integration with the peer community is permitted and encouraged. Once stable, a medical, social, chemical and mental health history is obtained from each patient to help generate a recovery plan best suited to their individual needs.


What To Expect At Our Alcohol And Drug Detox

At Minnesota House, we understand your arrival at our alcohol and drug detox can be an anxious time. You have more questions than answers and you really don’t know what to expect. Our nursing staff appreciates your apprehension and is committed to making you feel comfortable the moment you arrive.

If you have been consuming excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol, you have the right to expect that your time in detox will be monitored by capable medical professionals. The first person you meet when you arrive will be the Nursing Sister who will immediately begin attending to your physical and mental health.


Why We Have A Drug Detox

While drug and alcohol treatment centres can function without having detox services, patients at Minnesota House soon come to appreciate the benefit of having an onsite detoxification unit, especially when medical professionals are involved. Benefits include immediate admission since Minnesota House does not require “clean time” before entering treatment. Furthermore, patients appreciate the slower pace in medical detox which allows time to rest and consult with medical staff before transitioning into the demands of group therapy.

While in detox, many of our patients learn that they have medical conditions brought on by years of neglect or risky behaviour. While the diagnosis of disease is never easy, medical staff is here to provide comfort and education so that patients can begin to make positive changes in lifestyle to help manage their conditions.


Information Gathering Is An Important Function In Detox

While you get comfortable, your nurse will need to confirm your medical, substance use and treatment history originally recorded on the Patient Admission Form. Based on your nutritional needs and dietary preferences your nurse will formulate a nutritional plan and advise kitchen staff.

A nurse will then check your weight and take your vital signs. You will also be asked to provide a urine sample to help nursing staff determine what drugs are in your system and a breathalyser to determine blood alcohol content.

This information will help the Nursing Supervisor create a detox care plan will help nursing staff reduce the discomfort you may experience during withdrawal from your drug of choice.

(*) Note: Minnesota House does not have a halal- or kosher-approved kitchen. Therefore, food purchasing or preparation practices of these faiths are not observed. However, patients may substitute pork or beef dishes for another meat or vegetarian dish.


We Are Committed To A Safe Detox And Treatment Facility

Part of feeling safe in drug detox and treatment means not having to worry that drugs or alcohol are being consumed or sold by staff or peers during your stay in drug rehabilitation. For the protection of you and your peers, all bags and belongings accompanying patients will be searched, and patients will be asked to turn their coat and pant pockets inside out. Any open cigarette packs will be checked. All open bottles will be confiscated and destroyed. If you are bringing prescribed medications, please ensure it is kept in original prescription packaging and handed in to the Nursing Sister.

Although this may appear to be a lack of trust in patients just arriving in detox, it is really for your protection.

Be assured that you will NOT be subject to cavity or skin searches, or pat-downs. We recognize that if someone is determined enough they will find a way to smuggle drugs or alcohol into the facility. Minnesota House is a detox and treatment centre, not a lock-down facility. We are committed to a safe treatment environment while maintaining your dignity and trust.


We Need Your Permission Before Alcohol & Drug Detoxification Can Begin

A Consent for Treatment form is reviewed with every patient which gives medical staff permission to provide you with the care you need. If you have concerns about providing consent for treatment, please let us know before your scheduled admission.

All other paperwork will immediately follow or can be delayed until your medical condition stabilises sufficiently to proceed.


While You Are In Detox

While you are staying in detox unit, our nursing staff is busy monitoring your vital signs to ensure your withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs is proceeding safely. The body handles the excretion of alcohol and other drugs in different ways and our nurses follow guidelines (also known as withdrawal protocols) that are matched to the substances you have ingested prior to your admission. To help prevent respiratory infections, a nurse may reposition you while you are in a prone position.

Nurses will also monitor fluid levels and may wake you for a water break.


Medications Used In Detoxification

Any medications currently subscribed to you will be reviewed by our Medical Director for any potential side effects that may complicate your stay in medical detoxification and residential treatment.

Nursing staff are dedicated to keeping you comfortable. Non-narcotic protocols are adhered to in detox and throughout your stay. We understand our role in partnering with you in your recovery and are sensitive to your struggles with mood-altering substances, including prescription medications.

Please contact Admissions at 044 870 8585 if you have concerns about medications or other concerns about your stay in detox.


The Role Of Your Physician While In Medical Detox

Within 24 to 36 hours of admission, patients are examined by the Medical Director who will be your physician during your stay at Minnesota House. The Medical Director performs a physical exam and assessment to determine your ability to provide self-care. Until such time, nurses will continue to monitor your condition.

Your doctor is committed to your well-being so feel free to let him know if you have any questions about your medical condition or our medical detox program.


We Are Proud Of Our Medical Team

We are proud of the care we provide in our drug and alcohol detox. Many of our patients’ report being surprised at the amount of time our Nursing Sister spends getting to know and better understand our patients.


Detox Is More Than Just Helping You Get On Your Feet

Medical staff at Minnesota House recognises that your commitment to recovery began when you first picked up the phone and called us for help. Treating your physical withdrawal symptoms in detox will now make room for treating your psychological dependence on substances. We are committed to laying a foundation of trust so important in allowing us to partner with you on your journey towards a lasting recovery.


For General Information On Detox

We hope this page has answered your questions directed specifically at the medical detoxification program at Minnesota House. Don’t detox alone!