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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Commitment To Your Success

Mission Statement

Commitment To Your Success

Vision Statement

Addiction Treatment Continuum Of Care


Proven Custom Recovery Approach

Our Mission Statement

Our Commitment To Your Success

Our mission is to provide a path for wellness and recovery and improve the overall quality of life for individuals struggling with substance abuse and related mental health difficulties (Dual-diagnosis). To help individuals and families heal from addiction and discover the freedom of being well. To achieve this mission, our professionals utilize an integrative treatment approach that incorporates the best clinical & medical practices and evidence-based treatment strategies available in the behavioural health field. To our patients, we are committed to the creation of a behavioural health centre where people receive individualised and quality care that enables them to regain hope in a supportive, caring environment.

We strive in all that we do to make Minnesota House synonymous with excellent care, phenomenal patient service and an unparalleled commitment to our patients, staff, physicians, and community Utilising a multi-disciplinary approach, Minnesota House Treatment Centre is committed to improve the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction, and lessening the adverse impact on families and society as a whole, through the provision of a range of harm reduction and supportive treatment methodologies. Our comprehensive solutions-based approach to therapy provides Addiction Recovery and Personal Development life-skills that provide individualised, professional treatment and counselling – We move past treatment compliance to treatment engagement.

Our promise to you is to guide your path from Hope to Healing.
Our Vision Statement

Addiction Treatment Continuum Of Care

Our vision is to build a continuum of effective, high-quality treatment services and to become the provider of first choice with a national reputation for patient-centred addiction recovery, addiction education and behavioural health programs that succeed.

Minnesota House Treatment Centre will be the recognised leader in the provision of high quality, innovative harm reduction and supportive strategies for individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction.

Our Values

Proven Custom Recovery Approach

Our core values that guide us in our mission and vision are:

Integrity – We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our patients. Maintaining and promoting social, ethical and organisational standards in all actions and decisions for the protection of patients and the community as a whole

Respect – Valuing diversity and showing respect for individuals in all interactions without judgment. We celebrate the unique differences of all individuals and recognise their unwavering right to respect, dignity, fairness and equality. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation where all people are treated fairly and recognised for their individuality. We believe in recognising, understanding, and respecting differences among all people. Every individual at Minnesota House has an ongoing responsibility to advance diversity.

Innovation & Excellence – We are committed to continuous improvement by seizing opportunities to exceed expectations and achieve innovative outcomes. Demonstrating excellence in the provision of patient care and support and delivering evidence based treatment and education services. We achieve excellence in quality care through Best Practice Treatment, Effective Organisation, Safety and Confidentiality and Teamwork and Innovation

Collaboration – We are committed to building and sustaining effective and harmonious relationships and connections with others in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives. Working in partnership with others to provide quality treatment and education to the community.

Life-long Learning – We view change as an exciting opportunity and embrace opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills.

Patient Centred – We are committed to providing accessible and relevant service to our patients in the communities where they live.

Honesty – Demonstrating courage and being forthright in both challenging and addressing counterproductive behaviours and decisions.

Care – We believe that any patient who desires to change can change with the appropriate support and resource.s

Compassion – To demonstrate a compassionate, caring attitude and achieve consistently higher levels of service by responding to each individual in a timely, professional, and courteous manner.

Dignity – To deliver the highest quality services that respect the dignity of each person served: patients, employees, volunteers, and visitors.

What does that mean for our patients?

Our goal is to empower our patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to bring about a positive change so that they can overcome their substance dependency and fully engage in healthy, productive lives. We are committed to assisting those with drug and alcohol misuse issues, as well as those with co-occurring mental health issues to:

  • realise a sense of self worth
  • nurture positive living skills
  • make permanent behavioural change
  • find a more productive way of living and help them take their place as valuable members of society

This is achieved by addressing the addictive behaviour, as well as the underlying, core issues. By promoting activities that encourage accountability, honesty and integrity, healthy new habits are created.

We will treat patients and their families with respect, dignity and fairness.

  • We believe in treating the whole person in recovery, and not just the disease of addiction.
  • Understanding of and sensitivity to our patients and their families;
  • Appreciation and practical integrated application of the most current practices of psychotherapy, psycho-dynamic clinical care, and psycho-education;
  • Engagement and cooperation with the persons and organizations working together for the benefit of our patients;
  • Commitment to promote and improve the mental well-being of our community.
  • Provide high quality, accessible and affordable care that is evidence-based and localised to suit our population.
  • Educate and engage the public on addiction prevention and treatment
  • Reduce stigma and barriers to seeking treatment.
  • Raise standards of care through training and education.
  • To sustain a positive, caring, supportive safety-first environment.

While teaching individuals the skills to live drug-free, Minnesota House programs work towards the following goals and outcomes:

  • To improve overall family cohesion and communication
  • To reduce the likelihood that youth and adults will engage in risky behaviour
  • To improve an individual’s relationships in school, at home, and in the workplace
  • To improve peer relationships
  • To promote positive activities and engagement in neighbourhood and community
  • To reduce the incidence of substance abuse and misuse among youth and adults
  • To engage and empower individuals and families
  • Caring and respect for our patients and fellow professionals
  • Quality, excellence and professionalism in delivery of patient-focused care
  • Outstanding patient service
  • Individualised, state-of-the-art treatment
  • Exceptional, qualified and experienced staff
  • Enlightened leadership
  • Integrity in all fiscal and financial matters
  • Adherence to industry standards in the best interest of our patients and promoting health care